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iMoldX is a professional and leading manufacturer of export plastic injection molds in Shenzhen China.
We manufacture and export customised plastic injection moulds to other countires and regions such as UK, Russia,Russia, USA, European Union countries and South American countries, and so on.
We are proficient at HASCO, DME, YUDO and LKM mold standards.
More than 80% plastic injection molds we make are exported all over the world.
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  • Export Plastic Injection Mold
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iMoldX is also good at making large plastic injection molds to be exported.

Mr Hu, one of iMold's owners, is an expert in large plastic injection mold making. He has made large injection molds in a Hong Konger's mold factory for 5 years, in charge of large mold manufacturing. He made a very big mold more than 30 tons several years ago. Now, he is in charge of large injection mold making in iMold.
The largest mold we made is about 12 tons, with mold dimensions 1.8 m X 1.5 m.
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