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  • Q1: Where are you ?
  • We are in Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.
    It is located in the south of China---"the world factroy ", very close to Hong Kong,the international port of China.
    It is one hour to drive from our factory to Shenzhen train station; it is one and half an hour to drive from our factory
    to Shenzhen International Air Port.
  • Q2: As a manufactory in Shenzhen China, what is your main business?
  • Our main business is as follows:
    2.1 Export plastic injection mold making;
    2.2 Custom plastic injection mouldings;
    We also make business of sheet metal stampings and die castings.
  • Q3: What is your biggest machines in your facility?
  • CNC : 1000 X 750mm
    EDM: 500 X 400mm
    Plastic Injection Moulding Machine: 280 T
    Press (punching machine): 350 T
    Pressure die casting machine: 400 T
  • Q4 :How many employess in your factory?
  • About 50-100
  • Q5: How many shifts do you operate every day?
  • For CNC, EDM,plastic moulding,metal stamping and die casting departments,three shifts; mold & die tooling work
    shop depends on the emergency; the others are one shift.
  • Q6: Is your company ISO9000 certified ?
  • Yes,it is. And we have been certified sine 2010
  • Q7: If I have not the above files for a quotation, what I should do ?
  • You can take some pictures of your samples, form every side of your product. Then you can mark your product
    sizes in the pictures and weigh the product. After that you can send us the pictures with product detailed sizes and
    its weight. We can make product drawings as per these information you send.
  • Q8: Does your company have any overseas branch or any overseas business office?
  • No, we don't at present.
  • Q9: I have not done business with a China factotry before, how should I begin to do it ?
  • Firstly, you will find three or four qualified facotries to quote your project. When you do this, please look out.
    You'd better not to find a trading company or middle man for your OEM or ODM project because these projects
    need much attention to production process.
    Secondly, after you get the quotes, please do not choose the supplier who offered the lowest one. You can make your
    make sure all the information of supplier you get is real and credible. Thirdly, after you make your decision, factory
    visit is maybe necessary for you if your budget is enough. In the end, check every details before you place orders.
  • Q10: Can you ensure your quality?
  • Yes, we can. And always.
  • Q11: How do you ensure the quality ?
  • Quality depends on many production aspests, but in our mind the production process control and efficient
    communication between suppliers and customers are the most important ones among them. We are good at the
    process control and have a complete and mature process control system that ensures the quality for you. What's
    more, our project managers have fluent communication skill in terms of technology and language.
  • Q12: If your quality is not satisfied after cargo arrival, what do you do?
  • This kind of matter has never happened before because all parts or products we produce have to be totally checked
    ( final check) before delivery . But if it happens in the future, we will find out causes and assume corresponding
  • Q13: Why do you think I will choose your factory and not others?
  • We feel very honored to have been elected. The reasons for your doing so is maybe based on the following:
    1). You are satisfied with our presentation( our quotation sheet, our website, our e-catalog ).
    2).We are honest and credible, and our quality stands out from that of others, you believe, at least.
    3). You have found a good communicator for your project.
    4). You like doing business directly with a person of importance in a factory, and not with a sales man who can not
    exercise influence on the use of factory production resources.
    5). In some degree, you are not price-orientated customer.
    6). You do not try your luck and want to find a long-term business partner in China.
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