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iMoldX is especially good at making precision plastic injection molds to be exported.
For plastic part dimension tolerance,our tooling capacity can reach ±5 μm to ± 10 μm for a few dimension points, and for seceral dimension points, our capacity can reach ±0.01 mm.
We are good at making injection molds for plastic parts with very thin wall, such as 0.1mm to 0.2 mm, which demands very high precision tooling.
  • Precision Plastic Injection Mold
  • Precision Plastic Injection Mold
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Besides injection mould making, iMoldX also offer excellent and considerate customised injection moulding. service to our customer and, at the same time, make our injection moulding prices competitive with consistent top quality.
We are especially proficient at thin or thick plastic wall injection molding, such as 0.1 mm-0.2 mm or 20 mm-30mm plastic walls.
iMoldX is good at injection moulding with many kinds of plastic materials for many industries, such as POM, POM+X%GF, PA6, PA6+X%GF, PA66, PA66+X%GF, PA12, PMMA, PC, PVC, PET PE (LDPE & HDPE), PP, PP+X%GF, PPS, HIPS, TPE, TPR, TPU and other common plastic materials.
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