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At iMoldX, quality begins with the initial look at a project and remains throughout all phases of it's life.
Quality and reliability are seen in our employees, vendors and associates.
  • ISO9001:2015 Certificate
It is evident in the equipments and tools we use and in our methods and systems we adopt. Inspection criteria is eatablished at the initial phase of every project. We then develop production quality procedures, detailing audit requency and any inspection gauges or fixtures that may be required. Finally, training of the inspection and production personnel is conducted. Process criteria and production records are maintained for each batch of parts produced. Raw material certification records are maintained to ensure conformance with all applicable compliance equirements including HASCO,DME,YUDO,LKM,etc.

The perfect operation system of our QA Dept. can guarantee the mold quality by inspecting in-coming materials, manufacturing process and samples.

We adopt IQC, IPQC,FQC, OQC and some other strict inspection procedures. With the help of our 2D measuring instrument,projector,hardness-tester and some other precision measuring equipments, we can provide accurate engineering data for mold & die manufacturing engineering.
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Our QA Procedure as follows:
  • 1. Product Design Inspection.
  • 2. Mold & Die Design Control.
  • 3. Material Inspection.
  • 4. Electrodes Inspection.
  • 5. Core and Cavity Dimension Inspection.
  • 6. Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection.
  • 7. First Samples Inspection.
  • 8. Final Sample Inspection
  • 9. Production Sampling Inspection
  • 10.Total Inspection Before Delivery
  • 2D Instrument / Microscope / Height Gauge
We maintain rigid throughout our operations, and exacting standards of accuracy, quality and consistency.
Part after part, batch after batch, you will receive only the best molds and plastic or metal parts from iMoldX.
That's our pledge of quality.

We guarantee that all our OEM parts & products, either metal or plastic, will be produced as promised.
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